This is a list of some of the projects that I have worked on in the past, or am currently working on.


Inspired by Sacha Chua and Michael Fogleman to try to keep in touch with friends and family better, I built a tool to keep track of my interactions.

Cows & Bulls

I built this site, in memory of the best cows & bulls player I’ve known. It is a simple client-side page with javascript that works offline too.


Statiki leverages free and open services and software like GitHub, TravisCI and Nikola to provide a means of deploying static websites, without needing any setup on the users’ machine.


GetHub was made for the geeks whose primary Social Network is GitHub and who keep checking for updates, a dozen times every hour. :)

This extension was written when pop-up notifications were newly introduced into Chrome, and I was excited by it. I now prefer a workspace with fewer distractions, and no longer use this.

Nikola orgmode plugin

Nikola supports multiple markup formats as input, orgmode being one of them. The support for this is added by this plugin, and this blog is generated using this plugin.


cinspect attempts to extend Python’s built-in inspect module to add “inspection” for Python’s builtins and other objects not written in Python. It uses libclang to parse C-code and indexes it to allow looking up the source of the required objects, using an inspect-like API.

The original idea was from a friend, Tom Ballinger, who also helped me design and test it out.


Recursers write awesome blog posts all over the internet, and blaggregator is a Django powered site that aggregates all these posts. (You will need an RC login to view it).

The project was originally thought of, and built by Sasha. I’ve added a bunch of features to it, and help with maintaining it.


Nikola is a static site and blog generator written in Python that can generate a blog from input in many different markup formats.

This website has been generated using Nikola. I use the development branch of Nikola and actively contribute to the development of features that I need or fix bugs that affect me.


I no longer actively maintain org2blog since I don’t use any Wordpress blogs, anymore. If you are interested in maintaining this project, do get in touch.