Edison Champions Conference

The two-day event took place over the 15-16 March 2017 in central Madrid. In addition to presenting success stories of the initial use cases of the implementaion of the EDISON Data Science Framework (EDSF), workshop attendees had the opportunity to be briefed on how they too can be helped to accelerate the process of developing industry-aligned education and training courses at their own institutions and organizations. Furthermore experts from the EDISON team were present and keen to gather feedback for the next release of the EDSF.

Stakeholders Data Science
Figure 1: Stakeholders Data Science

The meeting was held in the historic and cultural heart of Madrid at the University - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. The purpose of the meeting was to present and develop the activities of the education and training pioneers (EDISON Champions) who were utilising the the EDISON Data Science Framework (EDSF) to develop and run new courses for Data Science.

More on EDISON Approach by Steve Brewer Data Science comes of Age

Here we are streaming life #EDISONMadrid conference: https://t.co/Bmhj4G9xIT pic.twitter.com/BPxT4FXCkp Eva Méndez (@evamen) March 15, 2017

Presentation Second EDISON Champions Conference.

  • Jose Manuel Torralba: General Director of Universities and Research. Community of Madrid
  • Eva Mendez: Deputy Vice-President for Strategy and Digital Education. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
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  • Training courses
  • University deep knowledge of basic competencies. If not it is impossible to do it.
  • You need some foundations.
  • What skills? Programming? Data Science?
  • Do not focus on specific tools
  • Practical programming.
  • Data: lingua franca
Adolfo Antón Bravo
Adolfo Antón Bravo
Coordinador del Máster de Periodismo y Visualización de Datos de la Universidad de Alcalá

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