Data Journalism: From Social Sciences Techniques to Data Science Skills


In very few years in journalism, we have gone from looking at social science techniques, what was called precision journalism, to dealing with open data as a huge source of information that lead us to data journalism what connects with data science in the sense of using -again- scientific methods to extract knowledge and insights from structured data. This article offers an overview of that evolution and focuses on some prototypes that have emerged in this new journalistic ecosystem of data journalism, data visualization and data literacy.



  1. IntroductionThe practice of data journalism runs parallel to its expe-rimentation. This natural tension converges in a long string of prototypes, depending on how much impor-tance is given to one or the other field involved in the experimentation, depending on whether one or the other aspect is of more or less interest, or on whether one has more competence over others at the time of elaborating the journalistic piece.